Gepeins in het donker
Grübeln im Dunkeln


Author:Heinz Geiringer

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• Title: Pondering in the Dark | Gepeins in het donker | Grübeln im Dunkeln
• Author: Heinz Geiringer
• Publisher: Rose Rebel Publications; edition 3 October 2019

• Description: The long-hidden poems of Heinz Geiringer (Vienna 1926 – Mauthausen, 1945), written while in hiding in The Netherlands, translated for the very first time in English and in German. Includes 15 oil paintings by Heinz Geiringer, some original handwritten poems and historic pictures taken in Vienna, Brussels and Amsterdam.

This deluxe, special Birthday Edition is published on the occasion of the 90th birthday of his sister, renowned peace activist and Holocaust educator Eva Schloss. Printed by Wilco Art Books and with an introduction by MarthaVan Der Bly. Trilingual book: Dutch, English and German. Limited edition.

Rose Rebel will donate 6% of the sales of PONDERING IN THE DARK by Heinz Geiringer to a charity hand-picked by Eva Schloss, the sister of Heinz Geiringer. When you buy PONDERING IN THE DARK you will help completing the feature film EVA’S MISSION, an independent film about the work of peace activist and Holocaust educator Eva Schloss.

• Hardcover: 192 pages. Deluxe Special Edition. Containing full colour art prints of the paintings of Heinz Geiringer
• Price: € 29,99
• Limited Luxury Birthday Edition Limited to 1000
• Language: Dutch | English | German
• ISBN-13: ISBN 978-9-083026-29-9

• Product Dimensions: A5
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